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Wolfram Book Tools

We strongly encourage authors to use our Wolfram Book Tools palette and corresponding stylesheet for authoring books in Wolfram Notebooks. The palette provides a template showing a sample layout, as well as tools for inserting pre-formatted sections such as Exercises and Tech Notes.

Download WolframBookTools

Run the installer, restart Mathematica, then find "WolframBookTools" under Palettes. To start using the palette, choose "Set Draft Chapters Directory" at the bottom of the palette and select the directory where you'd like to save notebooks for your book draft.

Click "New Chapter" and input a chapter number to get a blank Wolfram Book Tools–style notebook or click "New Template" to see an example layout.

Contact us for questions or concerns regarding the palette.

Wolfram Community—Publication Materials

Share content and interact with other authors in the Publication Materials Wolfram Community group.

Wolfram Books

See a list of Wolfram Language books from Wolfram Media as well as other publishers organized by subject, and blog articles about recent books about the Wolfram Language.

General Wolfram Resources

See a full selection of Wolfram resources, including interactive classes, Wolfram Language documentation and Wolfram blogs.