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Graphica 1: The World of Mathematica Graphics

The Imaginary Made Real: The Art of Michael Trott

In this volume, mathematician, physicist, and artist Michael Trott uses the technical computing system Mathematica to create dazzling, intricate images of objects no human has ever seen. Some images are playful geometric explorations; others are directly inspired by the work of such artists as Escher and Vassarely; still others make use of sophisticated mathematical methods borrowed from sciences such as electrodynamics and solid state physics. All represent a new intersection of two worlds usually separate: mathematics and the visual arts. Buy Online »

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"Aristotle contended that 'the mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry, and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful.' Physicist Michael Trott proves the philosopher's theory using Mathematica, Wolfram Research's lauded technical software. His dizzying images are collected in Graphica 1."

"The books are an excellent reference work for designers, artists, and architects—as well as people working in computer graphics, scientific visualization, and web page design."
R&D Magazine

"In the hands of artists... Mathematica has become a springboard to a new world of illustrative power."
Communication Arts

"The art of Graphica will sometimes look like the creations of a human artist and sometimes like a familiar system in nature.... So, as with all mathematical art, what is presented here is a combination of the fundamental beauty of mathematical principles and the imagination of the artists."
Computer Shopper UK

About the Author

Michael Trott studied physics at the Humboldt-University of Berlin and received his PhD in theoretical solid state physics at the Technical University of Ilmenau. He has been a member of the Kernel Research and Development team at Wolfram Research, Inc. since 1994. Dr. Trott has created thousands of Mathematica images, including those found in Graphica 1 and The Mathematica Book, as well as many Mathematica-related book covers and promotional materials. [Dr. Trott is also the author of the definitive four-volume Mathematica Guidebook series and has also worked as a science consultant for the CBS TV series NUMB3RS. He is currently a senior researcher on the development team for Wolfram|Alpha.]