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The Math(s) Fix

An Education Blueprint for the AI Age

Why are we all taught maths for years of our lives? Does it really empower everyone?
Or fail most and disenfranchise many? Is it crucial for the AI age or an obsolete
rite of passage?

The Math(s) Fix: An Education Blueprint for the AI Age is a groundbreaking book that exposes why maths education is in crisis worldwide and how the only fix is a fundamentally new mainstream subject. It argues that today’s maths education is not working to elevate society with modern computation, data science and AI. Instead, students are subjugated to compete with what computers do best, and lose.

This is the only book to explain why being “bad at maths” may be as much the subject’s fault as the learner’s: how a stuck educational ecosystem has students, parents, teachers, schools, employers and policymakers running in the wrong direction to catch up with real-world requirements. But it goes further too—for the first time setting out a completely alternative vision for a core computational school subject to fix the problem and seed more general reformation of education for the AI age.

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Information and Media Inquiries

Information and Media Inquiries
Summer 2020 Publication
Publicity and Interviews:
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Non-Fiction: Mathematics/Education

Distribution by Ingram, Amazon and Baker & Taylor
UK Distribution forthcoming

Praise for Conrad Wolfram and

At the core, CBM is about refocusing math toward relevant and conceptually interesting topics. The technology that is involved is a means for realizing this fundamental idea.

Angela Bond, UX Research Lead at Apple, formerly of Unicef

Is CBM the answer to the global crisis in maths skills? To those of us who have long dreamed of a world where pupils can think, calculate and compute, the logic at least adds up.

Robert Matthews, The National, UAE

Wolfram’s goal at is to establish a new curriculum of math education that is grounded in mathematical questions you might encounter in the real world.

Michael Copeland, Andreessen Horowitz (

About the Author

Conrad Wolfram is cofounder and CEO of Wolfram Research Europe. Over the last 30 years he has been a key part of the technology transformation that has brought maths, computation and data science to the forefront of today’s world and moved us towards the 4th industrial revolution. Conrad regularly appears in the media to speak about subjects ranging from the computational future and artificial intelligence to 21st-century edu-
cation. His team’s work to build a solution started in 2010 when was founded—this book being a key milestone in the journey to fundamental reform.

  • Author: Conrad Wolfram
  • Hardcover: $22.95  254 pages
  • Publisher: Wolfram Media, Inc.
  • Publication Date: Summer 2020
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-57955-029-5 (hardcover)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-57955-030-1 (ebook)
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